San Francisco Bay Area

Enjoy the North Californa Beach at Sunset with a Bon Fire...

High School Graduation SF Beach

The beaches of San Francisco are beautiful, but they might not be what you think of when you think of hanging out at the beach. San Francisco is known for its fog, and that fog comes in through the ocean so that even on the warmest days of the year, a chill can usually be felt in the ocean air. Not too many people actually go swimming in the beaches here, and those who do often wear wetsuits to keep out the cold. However, if you get past the first step, the water can be quite refreshing, and even if you don’t go in to the water, you can enjoy beach activities on the shore. Take a jacket along to keep out the cold or take a blanket along. Keep in mind that the nicest beaches in the area on those on the Pacific Coast, but the warmer beaches are those located on the bay.

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