Oak Parks

Enjoy time in Portland or Seaside on your Graduation!


Oaks Park offers a wide variety of amusement rides for you and your family to enjoy. We have some of the newest thrill rides and some old time favorites. For the thrill seeker we have rides like the Scream-n-Eagle and the Looping Thunder Coaster.

We also have many other rides for the whole family to enjoy. On the Midway you will find many of the traditional carnival games offering you the opportunity to win a stuffed animal for your loved one. All park rides and Midway games operate weekends in the spring and daily beginning in June through September.

Surrounded by the same stately trees for which it was named, The Oaks, in Portland, Oregon in 2005 will celebrate its 100th consecutive year of operation, making it one of the oldest continuously operating amusement parks in America. Built by the Oregon Water Power and Navigation Company, the park opened its gates on May 30, 1905 to Portlanders who arrived by foot and on horseback, in automobiles and by boat from the Willamette River. In keeping with the design of other "Trolley Parks" across the country, most of its visitors disembarked from trolley cars which ran along the Portland-to-Oregon City tracks forming the eastern boundary of the park.

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